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HERD CATS:: an experiment in turning 'art' to profit without lifting a finger
... this is the result of a quick scan around the web to see the different ways are available to have other people sell your 'art' for you
... shag, biskup etc sell a lot of stationary
... need to do a deal to hide the ofoto/shutterfly front-end, like cafepress lets you set up a shop
CAFE PRESS:: www.cafepress.com
*:: they're well-established and you can create your own shop
downside:: you must pay $5/pcm min to have site hosted locally and customized
LULU:: self-publishing company, also do photobooks, calendars etc
SHUTTERFLY:: digital photo printers, just got into tshirts, mousepads etc
OFOTO:: owned by Kodak, they've also got into photo-gifts
CUSTOM INK:: looks like a cheaper version of cafe press
PRINT MOJO:: for tshirts, they don't print on demand, instead they do screenprints and embroidery
~:: best quality tshirts so far, BUT you have to buy in advance and deal with your own shipping
ELLEN MILLION:: one woman shop, she does giclee prints, notecards as well as mousepads, tshirts etc
*:: seems like she'd be easy to work with, she's an artist so she's appreciative of quality


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